Sweet Treats from Heaven

Image Courtesy : INDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/Getty Images.
Walking back from school

 ‘’The smell of freshly baked hot cross buns, soft croissants, small samosas(a fried dish with a savory filling) and bheja fries(mutton brain fries) were the only excitement of the 5 kilometers of a long winding walk back from the Frazer town school to home at kammanahalli those days. Do you remember me coming first for exams and sports just to get some pocket money to dig into a heavenly splash of those melting khova naans(oven baked pie with condensed milk) and sizzling bheja fries’’?

I overheard the conversation of 2 passer-byes who are in their late 80’s taking a walk down the memory lane about a bakery they were frequenting as school kids. It’s a place that withstood the test of time from British days; in the legendary food streets of mosque road, Frazer town, Bangalore called as Albert Bakery.

The food streets of mosque road in Frazer town were a favorite sanctuary for foodies of old Bangalore. It is still the best place for the most sinful indulgences of the Iftar delicacies of the Arabian, Persian and Mughlai Cuisine at its best. I love Frazer town during Ramzan as the entire street sizzles and fumes with its all season’s best food catering to the hungry palate of non-vegetarians.

For those who still possess the sweet tooth and want to cheat on your diet, you can indulge in a deep dive into the crispy khova naan, a signature Bangalore delicacy that melts down with every bite triggering the taste buds and memory buds. It was made in batches to serve it fresh and hot and just sufficient enough for a day.

Slices of Heaven from Albert Bakery,Frazer Town,Bangalore.

My personal favorite is the yummy pumpkin pastry which is such a divine slice of heaven in your mouth. This is an indulgence I never say No. Life is too short to say no to a lovely pumpkin pastry.

The bakery is a small place; very easy to miss for the first timers, with no fancy name board to attract customers and the pricing is moderate and won’t drain your wallet. It looks like a normal Iyengar bakery where the localities flock into for a sizzling tea with mouthwatering samosas.

My most favorite pumpkin pastries get mercilessly hunted fast and finished just minutes after it gets unwrapped. There are many days I walked out teary-eyed as I couldn’t reach earlier for my fresh pumpkin dose of endorphins. It opens late around 4.00 pm in the evening and shuts down at 9.00 pm. That’s the downside. But it is still a must haunt when you are in Frazer Town. They do not add any preservatives and bakes fresh ever since 1902 when Mohammad Yacoob started the bakery and supply it to the Britishers who populate the cantonment area of Bangalore. It was his idea to give a British name to his bakery and the name stuck like magic. (What a marketing maverick!)

Today is one of the coldest days in Bangalore where the morning temperature drops down to 12 degrees at 7.30 am and I am traveling to work. The fog filled mornings makes me crave for a steaming cup of south Indian tea with some fritters from Albert Bakery.


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  1. I really appreciate the effort you put into each and every post. We are well informed of so many things through your posts. Thanks for your wonderful efforts for the mouth-watering delicacies of Banglore.


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