A hot drink on a hot day can cool you down-Is it a myth or a reality?

Today is one of the steaming days of summer in Bangalore .Bangalore sun was never this fierce .The Thalasseri cafe in kammanahalli is jam-packed .Most of the crowd dripping with sweat; half are irritated with the heat; blaming the government for the scorching sun. Still everyone wants tea and fritters.

A malayali guy was giving his food order :
‘’Chetta,Oru Chaya, oru mulakubaji.
Such a scorching sun, I think Kerala is better than Bangalore now.’’

If it’s too hot, why can’t he order an ice cream from a cool joint, why tea and fritters this summer?? I was thinking aloud.

Then he was like – ” it’s too hot bro,uff uff” blowing if from the surface ,then asking for a saucer and slurping from it .His friend was drinking a piping hot glass of tea with extra strong decoction.

I like hanging around in Malayali tea shop just to see the acrobatic tea mixing technique which is so unique that it should have been Kerala’s Geographical Indicator along with Malabar Pepper .However I prefer the Bangalore style tea where the milk is nicely simmered and get thickened for a long time with less of water in it.

While my friends cherish the tea, I was enjoying the jack-fruit flavor of my ice cream in every lick freezing my mouth and cooling off my tired self .The feeling was like someone who got trapped in a desert storm seeing ice cream for the first time in life.

On a hot summer day,it may sound like an oxymoron but the typical Indian idea of chilling out is to sip a cup of hot tea and munch some fritters .

Indians share the same habit with our counterparts of Malaysia, Egypt, UAE,Saudi Arabia ,South Africa and China . Chinese take super-hot and spicy soups during summer.

There is a popular saying in sanskrit “Ushnam Ushnena Shanti” (Heat is cured by heat).
As the human body is a mini universe, the digestive fire inside us cool down the body to the equilibrium state through the intake of warm food. That increases lung capacity, blood circulation also helps reduce weight gain. During summer, we shed weight.

A hot drink on a hot day can actually cool you down. Is it a myth or a reality?
Well, the thermal ergonomics lab of school of human kinetics at the University of Ottawa has tested this idea on cyclists in a lab and confirmed this astonishingly.
Since the hot drink is hotter than the body temperature, the extra heat comes out as sweat .The more you sweat, more cooling effect.

The abundance of green spaces with intermittent lakes, ponds and streams with lotus that once defined the city has gone forever .This city of awesome lakes has become a concrete jungle with every builder still advertising for lake view and garden view villas . Bangalore (as perceived by majority of bangaloreans) is a city that has dangerous bumpy rides , potholes, traffic snarls, reeling under severe water crisis, intermittent power cuts and decision makers with least citizen engagement and love for environment.

Still this is a paradise for migrants as the city has a cosmopolitan inclusive culture where everyone chase a wild goose dream .The city has enormous temptations to put you in a perennial trap of EMI’s.

I was still peeping into the conversation of the Malayali friends.
‘’Sambalam vannoda? Illada’’. (Salary came? No )
‘’There is this lightning deal game I put on the cart .Sale ends in 30 hours. I need to buy it before that. ‘’
Consumerism sometimes even mindless one, is another face of this city that loves every gadgets and apps and prefer to buy it on eCommerce flash sales.

Image Courtesy : fortnitewallpaperseason.blogspot.com

”Dude ,do you really need that lightning deal stuff?” -again my soliloquy.That’s something you should never ask a bangalorean including myself. Peer-pressure drives are so hardwired in the subconscious mind that it is really difficult to unplug.

Summer showers generally start with March 15.This time we are waiting for April showers. When the sun is at its fierce best, I take solace in the age old treasured summer traditions of Kerala, taking butter milk spiced with slit green chillis and the traditional, Narunandi drink top it up with / sabja seeds / falooda seeds also known as root beer.

It pains to know that hereafter all summers in this garden city will be fierier than the previous ones. Still the summer in bangalore is vibrant with the flamboyant display of alluring flowers of bright red,yellow,orange gulmohar trees, eternal looking cherry blossoms and occasional appearance of Golden Sunshine. Today all I crave for is a splash of rainbow colors from heaven in the rain -starved Bangalore sky.


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