God’s own vacation spot

It’s a nice feeling to be back home. Back to the familiar terrain of the smells and sounds of childhood. My mom’s kitchen still look the same, her recipies are still the same all these long years still its timeless. There is this beautiful tree, golden shower that cascade down and spread a blanket of golden falls on my courtyard. The wind carries the enchanting smell of jasmine and the smell of the freshly ripened “”varikkamanga”, a heaven-dripping mango fruit unique to trivandrum side of kerala.

The lizards are still on the wall and I feel a sense of connection with them. The creepy black millipedes crawl around outside triggering a panic run from me whenever I spot one.

Along with mangoes, temple festivals were part of my growing up days and I terribly miss the discipline and festivities of an era that loves to watch kathakali, a dance drama whole night. Festivals got over a week before my visit and I carry the guilt of not being there to receive the village deities when they come along with a grand procession of elephants. I feel more connected to village deities and superstitions back home and I rarely see that side of me and feel good about shedding the inhibitions.

Today we visited a secret hideout place. I call it gods vacation spot. If god wants to take a break, he might pick this cove. It has a beach, a rough atrocious sea, a river, a backwater and mangroves and lots and lots of privacy. Thiruvananthapuram has lots of beaches as visible from the moment flight touchdown itself. Kovalam, sankhumugham beaches attract lots of crowds while this place called’ Pozhikkara ‘is still a localites place and not a show stopper.

Pozhikkara beach

A laidback beach with sun, sand, backwaters and mangrove.

This place is just 10 kms away from my hometown and we love to spent some meaningful or even meaningless activities together as family. We run, walk, laze around, take a camel ride, horse ride,canoeing , swim, make sand castles etc. This solitary island is stunning with the line up of coconut groves, unique flora and fauna, the spell bound mangroves, migratory birds doing merry go around in the skies, athletes practicing their sport,few martial art practitioners trying to revive kalaripayattu, the proud martial artform of kerala…. these are the daily sights of this laidback village. Few miles away there is fishermen’s cove, another beach called poovar beach, rock cut temple etc.

Keep this place in mind when you visit kerala especially the capital city, trivandrum next time. Remember the localites love this place.When you see the footprints that gets washed away in the golden sand beach realise that we need to share our earth with the birds, animals,the lizards, millipedes, stray dogs etc and reduce the carbon footprint irrespective of the countries we belong to. Collective Human behavior affect the ozone and climate change not the actions of a migratory bird or a stray dog or a millipede.

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