The Actor who could connect, a Book by Dr. Mohan Gopinath.

Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair, a legendary maestro who dominated the Kathakali stage for over seven decades has given his signature flair to the art form.He was an actor par excellence on stage and in real life. The male,female ,transgender characters he has portrayed whether they fall in noble,evil or grotesque inclinations such as Poothana, Nala, Bahuka, Raudrabhima, Ravana, Keechaka and Bali when Krishnan Nair enacts,the whole plot comes alive .I had the good fortune of watching this all seasoned actor’s Nalacharitha and fallen in love with the character ever since.

This book analyses how he brought a new dimension to the stage and draws parallels with Shakespearean characters and Aristotle’s concept of the tragic hero. It also covers what connoisseurs of the dance form have to say about him and his acting.

Dr. Mohan Gopinath, a charismatic presence in Leadership Classes.

About The Author:

Dr. Mohan Gopinath lives in Bangalore and is a Professor of Organizational Leadership and Strategy with the Alliance School of Business, Alliance University. He has a Ph.D degree from Osmania University, Hyderabad on the topic of Organizational Learning. He was the Dean, Executive PGDM program, St Joseph’s College Of Business Administration , Bangalore.

Passionate about Kathakali, Mohan has written and published research papers exploring the dance form. He has spent the major part of his career as a banker with HSBC, working at locations around the globe. He is a keen tennis player ,lover of nature,an incredible human being and an admirable colleague of mine at Alliance University.

The book comes Free with Kindle Unlimited membership and @ Rs 299 at Amazon Paperback and Flipkart.


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